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Soul Motion®  Conscious Dance 

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'This is a dance that resounds with the vibrations of a living world to awaken you
to your nature and connect you to the whole.'

Vinn Arjuna Martí - Soul Motion Founder

What is Soul Motion

 Soul Motion® is a free form and transformative conscious dance practice, ​​​​
which cultivates creativity, connection and soulful flow.

“It is a conscious dance practice that utilises facilitated and unscripted
movement, recorded music from all genres, and stillness practice to access creativity,cultivate healthy relationships, and dialogue with that divine spark that animates all living things."
Vinn Arjuna Martí

Dancers are given simple instructions and valuable tools which naturally bring out each individual's unique movement and soul expression in a fun, safe and inclusive environment
regardless of previous dance or movement experience. 

This practice helps foster a deep understanding of how we move through our lives
in relationship to ourselves, each other and the world around us. 

Journeying through four movement 'Landscapes of Relationship’
( Dance Intimate, Dance Communion, Dance Community, Dance Infinite)
we have an opportunity to observe, reflect and reshape how we move through the world with ourselves, each other and with a greater force that moves us.

Supported by three core activity platforms ( orbit/orientation - Pause/presence - echo/inspiration) dancers develop tangible awareness tools which help us to relax, listen, & trust our own inner expression while also increasing our capacity to expand awareness to include more of our surrounding and open to inspiration and co creation with others. 

Soul Motion® nurtures, nourishes and celebrates our deepest soul expression and brings us into connection with our deepest and most universal essence.

Soul Motion® was developed in the US by founder Vinn Arjuna Martí. 
Arjuna, trained as a dancer, choreographer and as senior teacher of
Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms before creating Soul Motion®. 

Find out more about Vinn Arjuna Martí podcast

'Soul Motion® is a dance at the crossroads of the vertical drop into self and
the horizontal extension toward another'
Vinn Arjuna Martí 

'So here is a way of being with reality or the way things are.
It is an orientation that offers a wider view of things.
It calls to our sense of inclusion and empathy.
It offers a chance to spin away from habit, fixed ideas, tensions and reactivity.
It opens us to improvisation and spontaneity.
It opens a vista for change while providing an opportunity to rearrange what has been familiar.'
Vinn Arjuna Martí

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Four Landscapes of Relationship

Soul Motion ® is a dance practice with a particular focus on exploring individual expression within a relational context. 

Journeying through four movement 'Landscapes of Relationship' we have an opportunity to observe, reflect and reshape
how we move through the world with ourselves, each other and with a greater force that moves us. 
Dance intimate - We dance alone 
How do we open to a deeper, more authentic and kinder connection with ourselves?  
Dance communion - We dance with another 
How do we open to others while also being true to ourselves?
Dance community - We dance with everyone
How do we acknowledge and receive the gifts of everyone in our community even within our differences or preferences? 
Dance infinite - We dance with all of life taking our dance into the everyday dance. 
How do we expand to embrace a greater life force that supports and dances us  through our everyday lives? 

Three activity platforms

These platforms increase ways to access broader personal movement palates as well as facilitate an open and receptive state for creative exchange with others and a chance to explore and discover our personal expression within relationship.
Pause Presence
: A state of restorative relaxation and alertness informed by slowing down and opening into a deep compassionate listening to all that is moving within and without.
Orbit Orientation:
An expanded awareness of of how we imagine ourselves in space,  consciously moving in all directions with equal attention and without preference.
Echo Inspiration
A way of enriching ones own dance by opening to another dance to inform and inspire. It is a constant exchange of personal contribution to the pool of movement choices.
Why practice Soul Motion 
We all seek meaningful connection 

How we relate to ourselves, each other, community, the space and world around us is fundamental to our happiness & sense of belonging as humans. We all seek connection and our lives mirror a complex web of relations with friends, family and work collegues
which can both uplift and inspire us as well as challenge us at times!

Movement & dance reflects energy & relationship in motion.
What we notice, shift & embody on the dance floor can FLOW into our daily lives.
We can transform ourselves, our relationships & our world through conscious dance and mindful movement.

Self Expression is liberating

'The need to express who we are is archetypal; that is both necessary and timeless. And expressing who we are is less about describing ourselves than it is about letting who we are out in a regular rhythm that is an imperative as breathing. It is this exchange or flow of who we are- in and out- that keeps us connected to all that is living. ' ~Mark Nepo

Today's demands of living, working and family life can have us spending a lot of time in thinking mode, often contributing to an  unbalanced way of being. We may feel disconnected and unable to express ourselves.  
Soul Motion offers a safe space for whatever is seeking expression free from judgement or competition.. 

Balancing our lifestyle activities and nourishing our flow! 

Spending long hours sitting  down or focused in front of a computer screen can  lead us to feeling tired, stagnant and stiff in our

bodies and minds.  We can loose  inspiration and a  zest for living.   

It is so easy for our eyes and minds to become overstimulated and not be able to 'turn off' which can also leave us feeling dissconected from our bodies and the world around us. 

Dance is not only a fun and creaative way to  get our energy  flowing again, it is a powerful way to reorientate ourselves in space and shift to a broader, more holistic and creative way of being in the world.

In the process we can also have fun, awaken our creativity and life force, broaden our persepctive on life while simultaneously
  giving our bodies a great work out! 

 "What I experienced was a feeling of freedom, without any judgement from myself or anyone.
All students were sharing their dance with generosity.  I also felt that my body was moving by itself, and that it was very happy to get the opportunity to feel so free!  "   Clelia 

Soul Motion ​​in MOTION 
In the words of Soul Motion Founder Vinn Arjuna Martí


In the words of Soul Motion teacher Devorah Bry

Dancers moved to share...... 

'I am committed to your beautiful dance. I just love for the first time maybe in this life
I have given myself the freedom to move.'    Zoe

'Heartfelt thanks for a beautiful workshop!  I was so deeply glad that I came!
I thought your facilitating was gentle, compassionate and liberating. '

​'The freedom and awareness that Soul Motion instils in your from the onset was the key
to a multi level opening of my body and soul'   Elvina
'Thank you so much for your presence and the space you've created at the Soul Motion classes.  I felt the lessons on the power of connection to community yesterday and was deeply moved.'  Hussain
'What a wonderful night! I feel so blessed & grateful to have crossed paths with you Geeti & all the beautiful people I've been meeting on the dance floor.'   Ana
''I am in deep gratitude & admiration to you for holding such a safe, open, healing space for us to grow, share, heal, evolve and come closer to ourselves & our souls. Friday was an incredible experience. I'm blown away & so glad I gave it a go!!! '  Pam

'I have been searching for connection with myself, the landscape and others for the whole of my life but that weekend was the first time I really felt I shared it with a group of people. It was a life changing experience in so many was and I feel blessed to have had the experience. Thank you for Sharing that with me.'  Briar
'Geeti is such a generous soul. I left her dance class feeling replenished, in deep inner silence. Geeti has an ability to come from a balanced space and provide a yin practice that is so rare in our contemporary western dance culture. The yin practice restores the soul and brings us greater energy. Yin can bring us to a place of deep peace amongst even the busiest lifestyle. It helps us find Grace, which is what shines through Geeti in her work and is that palpable presence in the class that allows our own unique dance to emerge. Grateful for you and your gifts Geeti.'   Alana
 'What I experienced in these classes was a feeling of freedom, without any judgement from myself nor anyone. All students were sharing their dance with generosity.  I remember that I also felt that my body was moving by itself, and that it was very happy to get the opportunity to feel so free!   Soul Moves was for me a celebration of life and love.  The followings days, I noticed that this time of dance had changed and healed something in myself. ' Clelia

'Geeti,  thanks for yet another exhilarating and soothing session last night. Such a special space you have created there. An honour to be part of ' Nick
Tell me more about classes
Absolutely no previous movement experience is necessary to participate in a Soul Motion® class.

We welcome dancers of all shapes, sizes, fitness and levels of experience!
Generally the class are for adults but sometimes we have children attend if accompanied by an adult..

Classes usually begin with some music and some simple guidance that supports dancers to arrive and settle in and transition from previous activities of the day into a field of relaxing, feeling and being. ​​

 A short introduction to welcome everyone outlines the focus for the class.

A diverse range of recorded music from ambient to world music to jazz and is played to support the natural unfolding of movement and connection within the group. 

As we cultivate more ease, confidence, flow, ground, alignment & awareness in our individual movement expression, we create a healthy platform from which we can launch into rich explorations of 'dances of relationship’!

Please contact us if you any questions or concerns please let us know.

Classes are gently guided in a safe, relaxed and supportive environment that naturally awakens our ability to connect with our authentic flow while also having a lot of fun! 

Please sign up for the newsletter to find out when the next class series will begin.  

In the meantime you can attend a class or workshop with Soul Motion founder Vinn Arjuna Marti in March 2018. 
Special classes with Vinn Arjuna Marti