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Kiryuho   Japanese movement Meditation

Release       Relax        Flow        Rebalance        Restore      Harmonise  

'This new movement connects us to the essence of martial arts, bringing us into harmony with our partner and with all people and connecting us to the ground of deep meditation.
Through this, the natural beauty of existence can be opened to us very quickly.'

Master Kajo Tsuboi

What is Kiryuho 
KIRYUHO is  gentle and transformational  moving meditation practice,  anchored in the rich traditions of Japan.

Developed in Japan by Master Kajo Tsuboi,  this contemporay 'Body art'  is easily accesible to  people of all ages and abilities and incorporates the grounding and centering principles of the martial arts,
the mindful awareness of meditation and the free flowing feeling of dance.

A key aspect of the practice is the use of the möbius ∞ figure eight movement, which has the powerful effect of restoring  balance to our body, mind and spirit by rebalancing the left and right hempisheres of our brains.
 As we move in the mobius movement, just like the movement of the galaxies, we are able to attune and reawaken our deepest connection with the rhythms and source of life.

As we harmonise within we are able to cultivate flow and harmony with the world around us. 

Kiryuho offers simple to learn exercises based on Master Kajo's years of reserach into movement principles that underpin a wide range of artistic expressions, martial arts, sports and health modalities. He called these the  'Grammar of the Body' (see below).  Practiced alone, with partners and as a group with relaxing music, practitioners are able to cultivate valuable skills and awareness whilst in relationship with others. 

KI 気 is life force
RYU 流 is flow
HO 法 is law of nature

 ” Moebius Ki Flow is an imagination that keeps on sprouting and evolving in  Body Language universe; it is a reality you can realise through your Bodymind.”   Kajo Tsuboi

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?Why practice KIRYUHO 
 Reawaken life energy and Vitality (Ki)

In our modern day busy lives it is  so easy to become run down and depleted from excessive
over doing, over caring or over worrying!   Our energies and  bodies can become heavy and contracted, making us loose our joy of living and sense of well being.

When we combine movement which is based on the natural movement principals of the living world around us  with mindulness and breath awareness, we can quickly restore energy and vitality to our systems

Kiryuho enhances flexibility, coordination, posture and balance which enables life energy to flow more freely through the body, increasing Vitality and energy! 

Exercises for vitality:
riding the wind
amatsu kaze

Deepen our experience of connection with Life  

Despite our full and busy lives and opportunities to be connected like never before, we can still find ourselves feeling lonely, disconnected or dissatisfied with an ever increasing pull towards technology.

Our souls instead yearn for the simplicity of deep and meaningful experiences of connection.
The deeper we are able to feel a sense of connection within ourselves the more we are able to open to a deeper experience of connection with our world around us, whether it be with nature, family, friends,
community or the greater cosmos. 

Kiryuho offers simple exercises that cultivate relaxation and concentration while also aligning us with the ever present force of 'gravity'. When we  learn to relate to 'gravity' as a freind rather than a 'foe' and open to the support available,  we can cultivate more efficiency in our movement and ease in our life! 

exercises for connection:
Figure eight walking

Awaken an empowered and Creative Life 

There is a saying that ' Where attention goes energy flows'.
This proves the power of imagination and language.
In Kiryuho we use metaphor to awaken life energy and open new possibilities of direction and experience,

 The figure eight movement also lies at the heart of all creative processes and transformation.
It helps us access the creative source of the universe which opens our intuition and ability to feel and know with the full instrument of our intergrated body. mind and heart. 

We can then harness our energy for imaging a creative and mutually enhancing world for all. 

Exercises for creativity
Kumo no exercise
Figure eight walking 

"Kiryuho is a wonderful discovery for me. It combines physical exercise with meditation 
                     in a dance like flow that invigorates and relaxes me at the same time.
  A good practice to centre and balance oneself while moving to lovely music."   ANDREA  participant

Background of KIRYUHO  
KIRYUHO was created by Kajo Tsuboi in 1979 in Japan as an effective and enjoyable way to bring
balance and harmony to the three essential dimensions of our lives that define
who we are and how we live in the world.

Firstly,  Life Energy or KI is required to keep all the systems of our bodies functioning with vitality.

Secondly, we need to be able to open, feel, connect and relate to everything in the world around us beginning with ourselves then expanding to other people, nature and the universe.

Thirdly,  it is through our ability to imagine and use symbols and language that we can move in creative directions through life.

Therefore the exercises in KIRYUHO have been structured so as to constantly refresh and maintain a harmonious balance of these three elements so we can lead healthy, deeply fulfilling and creative lives in body, heart and spirit. Kajo Tsuboi says that the body is like a mirror reflecting back to us very honestly our current condition of body-mind. So in the same way we can also work through the body using different exercises to bring attention to areas that are out of balance or disconnected so we may polish and refine our most inner being. It is a process that continues to unfold and one that is enriched over time as we practice together.

The Grammar of the Body

 When we look closely at our movements and behavior patterns in daily life, whether in work, play, art, sports, ritual or meditation, we notice a number of basic principles which are usually hidden from our consciousness. We have called these principles the ​​
GRAMMAR OF THE BODY. ∞Kiryuho has developed subtle and dynamic exercises based on this grammar.
Vitalizing your Breathe 
Breathing is the basic beat of your life and all your activities. In ∞Kiryuho we attach more importance to changing the whole frame of mind that to special breathing techniques. The starting point is not to cling to techniques, but to be aware of your breathing, allowing this awareness to become your teacher.
Releasing KI 
When you release your eyes toward the sky o faraway mountains, with arms outstretched, you can feel whole body relax while being charged with energy. This involves releasing Ki which is, in effect, the interaction of your bodymind Ki with the Ki of the whole environment.
Rediscovery Gravity as a blessing
Gravity is a force which enormously influences everything on earth and yet passes unnoticed most of the time. Gravity exerts pressure not only on the body but also on the mind. There is a subtle technique in ∞Kiryuho which can sustain the tremendous energy of gravity and at the same time transform it into a blessing.
Feeling all movement as flow 
Movement and change are essentially flow. Life energy reveals its potential most fully in spiraling and figure eight movements, especially the Moebius loop.
Calling, riding and releasing the wind
Wind, a metaphor for Ki, blows and circulates through the body, creating a state of ecstatic consciousness. The whole body can smile with the deep joy of living. The bodymind is purified and exalted.

Basic Kiryuho exercises 

These platforms increase ways to access broader personal movement palates as well as facilitate an open and receptive state for creative exchange with others and a chance to explore and discover our personal expression within relationship.
The form of YAWARAGE is like an
∞ - infinity mark, or like the figure "eight".
But it contains a spiral movement and also topological form "the band of moebius".
YAWARAGE means softness, flexibility, harmonization or positive relations and also deep  peacefulness.
It is a rhythmical movement like a dance. Also you can align it with breathing. Always in the exercise you can realize YIN & YAN, front & back, up & down and inside & outside.
3 R's 
Relaxation, relationship, realisation

Figure eight walking 

Water bag exercise
Imaging the body as a water bag.

Vertical Ki Flow
( Suichoku Kiryuu)

Relaxed jogging

About Founder Master Kajo
Kiryuho was founded by Mr Kajo Tsuboi, who majored in psychology and had a keen interest in Japanese archery, Taoism and  various forms of meditation including Ramakrishna and Vivekananda's way.  
He became a student of Aikido under the lineage of  the founder Morihei Ueshiba and also studied various other traditional martial arts  as well as healing techniques (Seitai), Shinto and dances,  

Gradually he began to understand the common order of the body and mind synthesis ( Grammar of the Body) and its effect on the creative processes of human beings. He founded the Kiryuho Institute in Tokyo in 1979 and in the 1980’s he shared his findings at workshops in Paris for the International Centre for Theatre Research headed by the renowned English film and theatre Director Peter Brook.  

Since then Kiryuho has attracted international attention in a variety of fields such as theatre, visual arts and contemporary dance in many countries over the last 30 years.
Master Kajo continues to develop his work, teaching nationally and internationally and writing books.  He has dedicated his life to the study and practice of body, mind techniques that bring deeper awareness, balance, connection and understanding to life experience. 


Movers moved to share...... 

' Thank you for the wonderful Kiruho class.
I have a bad back and will have operation in early August so I could not do much exercise,  

but today's class was easy on my body and I really enjoyed it. (Chizuko) 

‘It was a pleasure to meet you and be a part of Kiryuho. The level of engagement was excellent and you worked very well
with people both individually and as a group.’ Will - Community care Anglicare 

‘'Kiryuho helps my body relax and feel connected with heart and hara and helps me slow down and be one with the universal energy. It also helps to integrate left and right hemisphere’s of the brain for me. It is a beautiful form of meditation through movement and our teacher is an amazingly beautiful person with lots of heart’.   Anugito
'A very big thank you for 8 meditation. You hold the energy beautifully which ignites the practice.' ( Tina) 
“This form of dance releases from our bodies the hidden potential that civilization has repressed and forgotten over time”   
“It’s about being grounded and you need to be grounded to meditate”
“Kiryuho is a finely crafted form supporting one’s core”
'Beautiful effortless movements that resonate deeply with the way we are, when mind is not controlling us. A gentle form of exercise with a spiritual focus”  (Wendy) 


Video on Kiryuho
Video from Kiryuho France 
This video was created after the 30 year anniversary celebration of Kiryuho in Europe in 2016.

(English subtitles coming soon)