Awaken and Unify with Movement & Sound
Movement, Mantra, Music, Dance
with Soul Moves Geeti 

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About Soul Moves Geeti

Geeti loves sharing movement, mantra, meditation, music & dance with people of all ages and abilities and is inspired by its power to uplift, unify and transform our personal and collective energy and consciousness. 
About Geeti ​Dayashakti
​​​​​​​​​Movement and dance for Geeti is a powerful expression that can connect us with our eternal natures through the sacred vessels of our human bodies. 

Geeti has been exploring Conscious dance and movement meditation as a spiritual and creative path for many years
naturally gravitating towards practices which cultivate relational awareness of our selves with each other, with space and with the infinite nature of existence. 

Geeti travelled  to Japan in 1991 and studied  Kiryuho Japanese movement meditation with founding Master Kajo Tsuboi  for 5 years and has continued to meet and study with him. 

 In 2008 Geeti met and danced with the founder of Soul Motion Conscious dance Vinn Arjuna Marti at Esalen in the United States and then continued on to complete the leadership and teacher training course  becoming Australia’s first certified teacher in 2012. 

Geeti is also a student and practitioner of Integral Yoga with a particular love for Kirtan and Bhakti yoga and has been enjoying the process of exploring movement and dance with live music, voice and mantra.  She is a graduate of the HEART OF SOUND tecaher TRAINING in NAADA YOGA after studying with Anandra George and Sudhanshu Sharma in India.  She also complteted Yogic Studies 1  at Mangrove Yoga . Geeti also leads devotional chants  as part of the Kirtan group ‘Sound Samadhi’. 

Geeti also has an interest in sharing and cultivating her dance and movement in a performative setting, in the form of ritual offerings in nature or other environments in which the sacred is evoked.

Geeti lives in Sydney and is slowly returning to share a COMBINATION of her. SOUND and MOVEMENT based practrices to people of all ages and abilities, after taking some time off to intergrate after the sudden loss of her partner in 2016.
She is enjoying offering once again inclusive, respectful and innovative spaces to dive deeply into the heart of connection with ourselves and the world around us. 

About Soul Moves Geeti
Geeti created Soul Moves as a way of bringing together all the practices she loves which help to cultivate ease and confidence in moving alone and with others, moving beyond self consciousness into relaxation and from fear into trust and unity.

Specific tools and techniques are offered which support grounding, alignment, balance, receptivity, connection and harmonisation with oneself and the world around.​​​

​Soul Moves offers nourishing, supportive and inclusive movement and dance classes to awaken energy, cultivate awareness, inspire creativity, explore and harmonise how we move, connect and relate in the world.

Mindful movement and free form conscious dance offers us joyful and expressive ways to cultivate deep listening, compassionate awareness and an ability to trust in the flow of life.


Kiryuho  Movement mediation "Jyun"  level teaching certification ( 1994)
BA Arts Macquarie University
Soul Motion Teacher Certification (2016)
Yogic Studies level 1 - Insitute of Yoga ( 2017)
Heart of Sound ( Mantra, Naada, Bhakti, Kirtan) 
200Hour RYT tecaher training (2017,2018) 


Regular community classes  in Sydney since 2014 
(Rose Bay, Annandale, Newtown, Vaucluse)

 Taught carers and adults with special needs at
Mill Hill Centre - Waverly council
Anglecare - Magnolia centre

Presenter at 
Empowered Womans Festival - Canberra 2019
Department of Educations - School councellor conference- Canberra
Ekam Yoga Festival - Coffs Harbour ( 2015, 2018, 2019) 
Mangrove Yoga ashram
Yoga Retreat with Darshna Siva

Woman's retreat 

Interstate  Workshops 

Alice Springs- Landscapes of Relations

International presenter

One Dance Tribe Hawaii
Japan Soul Motion Workshop 

'When you
do things
from the soul,
you feel a joy' 

More on my story 
At an early age the illusion of permanance was broken in my life with the sudden death of my father and illness of my mother. This provided the catalyst for my quest to seek beyond the surface of life and to connect with the forces of nature and life that are universal. 

I became interested in eastern philosophy after reading ' The Tao of Physics' by F. Capra and also remember being inspired by the book ' The road less travelled' by G Peck.  Life took me to Japan as an exchange student in 1983 which  opened up my life long connection and love wirth with the language and culture of Japan.

I then studied at Sydney College of the Arts before taking more time to live and work overseas in London where my Japanese language skills opened up a career in the airline and travel industry. My work took me back to Japan where I met and studied with Master Kajo Tsuboi,  the founder of the Japanese movement art of 'Kiryuho'.

I spent 5 years working and studying in Japan and gained qualifications to teach in Australia.

Continuing with my Japanese connection I moved to Adelaide to support the project of a Japanese disabled foot painter, Hiroko Kimura and the establishment of 'Tsuchi no Yado' - Inn of the Earth.  This then took me back to Japan to work on a documentary project of Hiroko's life and work, with my late partner Prabhu.

In 2011  the call of my soul to return to my love of movement and dance could not be ignored and after being given a copy of the Esalen catologue by a Japanese freind, I was guided to go and dance with the founder of Soul Motion, Vinn Arjuna Marti.

I felt such a resonace with the practice and it was in alignment with the principles of  the Japanese Kiryuho practice , while also supporting a strong creative and expressive element.   Life then supported me to continue attending other Soul Motion workshops before I embarked on the teacher training journey, becoming Australia's first qualified teacher in 2012.

I then held regular classes and workshops In both Kiryuho and Soul Motion in Sydney and interstate and also 
was invited to teach overseas in Hawaii and japan. 

In 2016 , my life was suddenly turned upside down with the unexpected passing of my beloved partner Prabhu after 18 year of life and co creation together.  I felt the need to step back from teaching, to take time to honour his life, to grieve and to gather my own life together again.  

In 2017 and 2018 I took time to dive deeper into my love of the yogic sciences studying Nada Yoga ( Sound, mantra, kirtan) in India and also completed module 1 of the Yogic Studies course at Mangrove Ashram.

2018 and 2019 have been years  to slowly step back into teaching and sharing again and I look forward to integrating my increasing love of sound based practices and Bhakti Yoga with my  previous foundations in movement meditation and dance.  I am is excited to be co producing one of my Soul Motion teachers, Michale Molin- Skelton to Australia in May 2018  and also my Indian singing teacher Sudhanshu Sharma in June  for a series of classes and workshops in and around Sydney .  See UPCOMING WORKSHOP LINK ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS)